Dr Samuel Dadzie

Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, Ghana

Dr. Samuel Dadzie is a Senior Research Fellow and Medical Entomologist in the Parasitology Department of the Noguchi Memorial Institute in Ghana. His research interest focuses on vector biology with emphasis on the application of modern methods to address the burden of vector-borne diseases. He coordinates the field and laboratory components of entomology projects in the Department of Parasitology of the Institute. Dr Dadzie is the Principal Investigator on several projects covering diseases such Malaria, Neglected tropical Diseases (NTDs), Arboviral and some emerging tropical diseases. His research activities include testing for insecticide susceptibility and detection of resistance mechanisms in vector populations, evaluation of insecticides for public health use, entomological studies on indices of transmission and vector species identification.  He is currently coordinating and monitoring the impact of Indoor Residual Spraying program on malaria transmission in Northern Ghana. He holds a PhD in Vector Biology from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.

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